Skip Alexander Amateur Championship

Golf Mangrove Bay’s 180 acres at the course’s yearly memorial tournament for St. Pete Golf royalty Skip Alexander. The tournament takes place at St. Pete’s championship course across 18 holes over rolling hills and beautifully maintained greens.


Golfers compete in four division:

  • Men’s Championship
  • Ladies’ Championship
  • Senior (55+)
  • Super Senior (65+)


The championship is named after the late Stewart Murray “Skip” Alexander, Jr., a past PGA tour player and Ryder Cup team member who served as a golf pro in St. Pete for more than three decades.


Registration includes golf, prizes, participation gifts, beverages and lunch on Friday and Saturday. Prizes of more than $4,000 in gift certificates will be available for winners. Registration is open to the first 120 golfers.


Mangrove Bay



Amateur Golfers



October 2024



Individual Stroke Pay

Registration and Entry Deadline:

The registration form will be posted here when available – check back at a later date


2023 Skip Alexander Amateur Championship Winners:

Men’s Championship Flight:

  • Gross:
    Austin Bagshaw: 69-66-135
    Michael Karatzas: 68-68-136
    Devin Hernandez: 70-67-137
    Jay Halverson: 70-71-141
  • Net:
    Spencer Baldwin: 70-69-139
    Grayson Stone: 70-71-141
    Ryder Frerichs: 71-71-142
    Thomas Popp: 73-70-143

Men’s 1st Flight:

  • Gross:
    John Valenty: 76-69-145
    Keith Galloway: 77-70-147
    Kyle Barlow: 75-72-147
  • Net:
    Austin Xenakis: 75-63-138
    Gray Pilder: 69-71-140
    Zach Marshall: 70-71-141

Men’s 2nd Flight:

  • Gross:
    Austin Stuck: 84-75-159
    Tim Robic: 72-72-144
    Patrick Sauve: 82-77-161

Senior Championship Flight:

  • Gross:
    Michael Kelley: 69-70-139
    Jay Lindner: 68-73-141
    Mark Infalt: 69-76-145
    Dennis Monahan: 76-72-148
  • Net:
    John Purcell: 71-73-144
    Mike Saint: 71-73-144
    Mark Araujo: 72-73-145
    Mitch Kanaan: 73-72-145

Super Senior Championship Flight:

  • Gross:
    Doug Root: 74-71-145
    Jim Brush: 72-73-145
    Dean Golliner: 73-78-150
  • Net:
    David Lee: 75-73-148
    Doug Manning: 75-74-149
    Richard Hope: 77-75-152

Super Senior 1st Flight:

  • Gross:
    Joe Lallier: 84-83-167
    Don Brannon: 88-82-170
    Patrick Burns: 85-86-171
  • Net:
    Rickie Dixon: 74-75-149
    George Palmer: 77-73-150
    Dennis Crider: 78-78-156

Women’s Championship Flight

  • Gross:
    Morgan Jackson: 76-76-152
  • Net:
    Kathleen Smith: 73-73-146